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 Da Lat
Da Lat destination Ho Xuan Huong Da Lat Da Lat destination

Da Lat Overview:
Da Lat has known under many romantic names as the City of Loves, the Foggy City, the Pine Forest City, the Flowers City, Le petit Paris… That is a city in Lam Vien Highland, Lam Dong Province, 310km from Ho Chi Minh City to the Northwest. Situated at 1500m above the sea level, surrounding by mountains and forests, DaLat is in good temperate all year around. It used to be the residential area of Lat, Chil and K’Hor people.
In 1983, Alexandre Yersin , a French Doctor, did a survey trip from Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City nowadays) past over the land of Ethnic people in the highland to the central coast. On June 21, 1983, Alexandre Yersin has reached Lam Vien Highland. In 1987, French Governor, Mr. Paul Doumer wanted to find a place to built a resort for French officers and people who were living in Viet Nam and he decided to choose Lam Vien highland, that submission was from Doctor Alexandre Yersin.
In the beginning of 20th century, Da Lat was a deserted area. French people were built up many constructions as Villas, Offices, Hotels, School and even a tourist center. Da Lat became the best romantic City in Viet Nam thanks to its wonderful scenes with natural lakes, mountains, valleys, pines forests and hundreds kinds of flowers. That was not just a Little Paris but Paradise.
Nowadays, Da Lat became one of the main destinations for local people to choose for their vacation. Hundreds of Hotels were built, tourists can find very easy either a guest house or a Hotel 5*. Unfortunately, the waves of immigrants and the rushing urbanization processing were destroyed the gifts from nature to this area.
Many Pine forest were gone, replaced for new constructions or farm of agriculture. The old romantic City has replaced by a modern City which is “self- developed”, without planning.
Da Lat be changed her face!

 Tourist Attractions in Da Lat

Xuan Huong Lake
Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is located right in the heart of the City, surrounding by mountains and Pine Hills. That is not a nature Lake. This place was a valley with a stream crossing over, the upstream was Cam Ly Waterfall. In 1919, French people were built a dam to block the stream that became a lake its name was Grand Lac.
In 1953, Grand Lac was renamed Xuan Huong Lake.
Xuan Huong Lake is the first feature of Da Lat.
There is another old construction that is Thuy Ta, a coffee bar. Thuy Ta was built on the water near the bank of Xuan Huong Lake. That is a small white house with a large balcony in the back that is the best place for viewing Da Lat City.

Doi Cu ( Golf Course)
 Doi Cu ( Golf Course)

Doi Cu ( or Cu hill) is the hill and valleys up and down in the center of Da Lat City, next to Xuan Huong Lake. Without Xuan Huong Lake and Cu Hill, it is not Da Lat. Cu Hill was a restrict area for construction. It used to be the 9 holes Golf Course that was quite famous in the South East Asia. Doi Cu nowadays is the 18 holes Golf Course.

Bao Dai Palace – Dinh III
Bao Dai Palace – Dinh III

Bao Dai was the last King of Viet Nam. Bao Dai Palace III was built in 1933-1938 on the top of the hill and large area with flower gardens in front and back yards. The palace was built to Western architectural style.
This palace is preserved and open to public. In the ground floor, that was place for receiving guests, Bao Dai office, meeting room, entertain room and others. The first floor was the living room and bed rooms of Bao Dai King, Nam Phuong Queen, Princesses and Princes.

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